Photo:Veronica SarmaVeronica Sarma is avant-garde artist, living now in Moscow. Her artist’s way has begun 5 years ago in Saint-Petersburg, from an intuitive impulse and a great desire for internal freedom. Since then, Veronica has experimented in different technics, colors and ways of creating art.

She got the first higher education in the field of Anthropology at St.-Petersburg State University. Soon afterwards, Veronica Sarma has begun studying for Master degree in International relations (at the same University) and studied for the second higher education in Psychoanalysis & Clinical psychology (at East-European College of Psychoanalysis).

Veronica's artworks were exhibited in Moscow for the first time in autumn 2012, within the International Painting and Arts & Crafts competitions, having gained their first victory. Subsequently, her artworks have participated in competitions and exhibitions in Berlin (04.2013), Moscow (04.2013), Riga (05.2013), St.-Petersburg (07.2013), Venice (07.2013), Lisbon (08.2013 & 04.2014) and Moscow (10.2013), that has brought her a set of victories, positive experts’ assessments and admirers. Veronica Sarma took part in plain-airs in Moscow, St. Petersburg and Venice. Her paintings, graphics and modeling decorated the central wall of the exhibition area in St. Petersburg Union of Artists’ building, and ArtistTV channel has devoted to her the first release of «Realized dreams» telecast. Three art unions (RAFA, IAA, CURA) have expressed their interest for cooperation.

The artist is called a 'master of colors' for having created the recognized and non-standard combinations in coloring. During the exhibition in Berlin some critics had noted the relationship of Veronika’s art style with the epoch of 1920-30th in avant-garde painting history.

Artworks of the author break habitual forms or, on the contrary, frame abstract ideas and whole worlds, selecting proper visual images for them. They appeal to unconsciousness of the viewer, providing a possibility to form one’s own associative line or fantasies by means of sensation.

Now the author realizes new large projects, preparing for releasing her new professional dreams, such as domes’ (and walls’) painting.